1. pastor & church life

pastor & church life Douglas Crumbly is a church planter, pastor, entrepreneur, author, husband and dad of three daughters. He was born in the sleepy small town just north of Atlanta in Rome GA and still resides there with his family...

2. 6 Things the Church Must ...

6 Things the Church Must Do Better-Now I will be honest and tell you that I actually believe my title is somewhat obtuse and maybe a little witless. The fact that there are more than six things the Church must do better is an actual...

3. Why Tribal Leadership is ...

Why Tribal Leadership is the Next “big” Thing As our country moves more rapidly towards postmodernism and a post-Christian culture, many church leaders are realizing that some of the old wineskins of church leadership are no...

4. The 5 Things Every Church...

5 Things Every Church Leader Must Do – Now To write about the trouble our nation is in would certainly be pointless. Every news and radio talk show is doing a fabulous job with that, both christian and non-christian alike. However,...
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5 Things Every Home is Desperate For

dc dh 5 Things Every Home is Desperate For

5 Things Every Home is Desperate For

1. Every Home is Desperate for Commitment

Divorce of one’s parents is certainly one of the greatest fears every child will face, if not the greatest. And with nearly 50% of every couple in America ending in divorce it’s no wonder there is so much desperation in our homes. Our homes need help, and they need it now.

People have been brain-washed in America to believe that achievement (more…)

Why You Need to Read.

My Pictures9 300x114 Why You Need to Read.

Why You Need To Read

It has been said that the only difference between you now and you five years from now will be the people you associate with, and the books that you read. I believe it to be so.
I’ve been a reader ever since the fourth grade when I read my first biography about Abraham Lincoln. Then I read a book about Ben Franklin. Next was one about the amazing life of George Washington Carver, and when I got to the classic (more…)

A Little About Douglas

jcr pas chu lif 001 A Little About Douglas


A Little About Douglas Crumbly

Douglas Crumbly is the lead pastor and founder of Journey Church in Rome GA.

He has served as Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Church of Rome, Georgia for over ten years where he developed and enacted a team leadership approach to local ministry. The team approach encourages growth in the staff surrounding Douglas so that they are better ready to move into further ministry.

He now is the Lead pastor at the new Journey Church of Rome.

Douglas received his master’s degree in ministry from Covington Theological Seminary, a two-year pastoral degree from RHEMA

Ministry Training Center, and is pursuing a Doctorate of Ministry in Church Leadership and Organization from Logos Seminary in Jacksonville FL.

image1 300x199 A Little About Douglas 

A gifted communicator, Pastor Crumbly has a passion for the success of the local church. He is passionate in his wish to see church, ministry, and business leaders develop their gifts to bless the Kingdom.

Douglas Crumbly resides in Rome GA with his wife Debbie. They have three beautiful daughters, Amanda, Danielle, and Olivia and two grandchildren.

Want to know more About Pastor Crumbly? You can check out his About Me, Author Page on Amazon. 

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