About Me: I am a Pastor, Teacher, Author and Blogger. I also, am the founder of Journey Church of Rome, in Rome GA

If there is one thing that I want people to know about me, it is that I am deeply in love with God’s Church. From my earliest memories as a little boy, I remember crawling underneath church pews and playing “army” on a cold hardwood floor while believers worshiped and listened intently to the man of God preaching Hell so hot you could almost smell the burning sulfur. And although I did not give my heart to Christ until many years later, I have always had a love and appreciation for the local church. Looking back, I can clearly see that even from a young age, I recognized the intrinsic value of the Church and possessed a subconscious knowledge that the only hope for the people of this world is the strength and passion found within the four walls of every local church.

I received my master’s degree in ministry from Covington Theological Seminary, a two-year pastoral degree from RHEMA Ministry Training Center, and I am pursuing a Doctorate of Ministry in Church Leadership and Organization from Logos Seminary in Jacksonville FL, but my greatest passion is for the success of the local church and to see church, ministry, and business leaders develop their gifts to bless the Kingdom.

I live in Rome, Georgia with my wife Debbie. We have three beautiful daughters, Amanda, Danielle, and Olivia and two grandchildren. You can see my Current Books And Author’s Page by Clicking Here to go to Amazon.

This is my Personal Blog and it is Focused on promoting Passion and Strength to Churches and Their Leaders. My Mission is to Help Ministry Leaders Purposefully and positively impact their communities in a World Changing way. Leading the lost and the un-churched back to Christ, back To Church and building Tribes of Disciples to go out and tell the world there is Hope God Lives and He Lives within us. As a result I write on Leadership, Personal Development, Pastoral Life and Church Planting. Sometimes I write about stuff that might not fit neatly into one of these categories.

My goal is to create quality content and ideas that you can put to work in your ministry immediately. If you are in Ministry or aspire to be then this is the blog for you. Typically I post twice a week and do have guest bloggers on a regular basis.

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